Frisky Brisket

Energy, Romance & Dance

Tanya Gaines & Joshua Golden

on violin and rhythm guitar are:

            Frisky Brisket.

Playing an eclectic collection of ethnic , traditional  couples dance tunes from around the world. High energy acoustic performance & international diversity make for a unique live experience.


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Tanya has been playing music most of her life. beginning with violin, she then studied piano. She has also tried her hand at saxophone, flute, dulcimer, and guitar. Early influences included old time fiddle styles of The New Lost City Ramblers, the experimental ethnic rock of The Kaleidoscope, the folk inspired virtuosity of John Renbourn, The Pentangle, & Leo Kottke, In addition to classical orchestra and ensemble. In years past she played 2nd violin in a local orchestra, and continues to play with a chamber quartet. After years of honing traditional Celtic tunes; playing a regular solo gig, and, with an eclectic, informal dance band, The Band of Brigands, she was drawn to traditional folk styles and has turned to discovering and exploring music from other parts of the world,. Tanya is our “concert mistress” selecting and arranging the music we play.

I have had another path. Learning the basics of guitar as a pre-teen from a singer-song writer in the 70s I sought to emulate my rock heroes; Neil Young, Stephen Stills, Joe Walsh, & Eric Clapton. Paradoxically attracted to both the operatic complexity of; Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Yes, & Focus, and, the heartfelt ballads of Joni Mitchell, & Cat Stevens. With a good ear, and just adequate training, I was able to jam well enough, but lacked any discipline to learn more, eventually putting down my guitar to pursue more tangible arts. It was only after years of dance experience; Contra, English & Irish set, and the more performance oriented, Morris Dancing, that I really got the feel, and importance of a strong rhythm. When Tanya began discovering & playing more lyrical romantic dance tunes, I was inspired, and tried my hand at rhythm accompaniment. It worked, and felt good. The learning curve was steep, but my tendency to rock out added an energy we both love.

Since playing together anew, we have been inspired by the gypsy punk of ‘Gogol Bordello’, the tight instrumentation of ‘Fishtank Ensemble’, who introduced their Italian friends, ‘Opa Cupa’, and a myriad of traditional Roma musicians. We have studied rudimentary Argentine Tango Dancing, and continue to add to our expanding repertoire.

©2012 Joshua Golden/Partners in Time



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