The plant on the left, in the bright low sun of early November is a Yakon, a South American relative of Sunflower. Harvested a few days ago for its subterranean parts. Yakon has a unique habit, producing both readily sprouting colorful, knobby tubers for reproduction, and long, thick juicy water storing roots that taste something like Jerusalem Artichokes, also a Sunflower cousin, with a hint of Jicama like sweetness that increases in storage.

The Yield below is from two plants started from a fist sized tuber clump, space about two feet apart, in a protected 12” deep bed and under watered.

The frosty days before the new year, have finally taken the last of the warm season plants,

They had a good run. It is uphill to Spring from here.

The Winter Solstice garden is happy and lush: Purple Mustards, Red Italian Dandelion with Parsley, Leeks ready for weeding, Romanesco Broccoli regrowth, Lettuce with Cress and Chervil, Kale with blooming Hollyhock, and a Cabbage just getting comfortable.